Super Circular Estate

Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling in Parkstad Limburg

SUPERCIRCULAR Urban Innovative Actions project proposal – Towards Europe’s first Circular Estate

Phasing of SUPERCIRCULAR from 2017 onwards

Click here for the PDF file: phasing_supercircular

Background documents SUPERLOCAL

Introductory presentation: Introductory presentation SUPERLOCAL
Additional information presentation: backgroundinformation introductory presentation
Projectplan SUPERLOCAL: superlocal_projectplan_EN
Process SUPERLOCAL: 665 – proces superlocal

Droneflight projectlocation SUPERLOCAL

Experience the project location from a unique point of view.

Books of neighbours

The books of neighbours, or, in Dutch, “burenboeken” are two complementary publications of stakeholders’ experiences, memories and attitudes about the apartment blocks. The first book includes memoires of former inhabitants, and was compiled with the cooperation of the last remaining residents and residents that already moved out of the flats, together providing a view from within the flats. To provide a full perspective, a second book was created, that includes the view from neighbors surrounding the high-rise flats. The latter group of stakeholders for whom the flats were just as embedded in everyday life as for the former residents. Both books of neighbours consist of photographs of a range of perspectives from within and outside the high-rise apartment blocks, together forming a 360 degree view upon the apartment blocks. In the future HEEMwonen aims to compile a third book, consisting the perspective of the new residents of the SUPERLOCAL housing.

Results Masterstudents recyclable engineering RWTH University

An impression of the latest RWTH master module for the SUPERLOCAL project.

IBA Parkstad

An introduction to IBA (Internationale Bau Ausstellung) Parkstad.

Highliners balancing between the high-rise apartments, a collaboration with Dutch Mountain Film Festival (DMFF).

The video below is about the SUPERLOCAL project in general and also shows the cooperation with universities.

Het laatste SUPERLOCAL nieuws

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