Super Circular Estate

Circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling in Parkstad Limburg

Wanted: innovative solutions for circular dwellings

SUPERLOCAL – Super Circular Estate is a social housing project in the city of Kerkrade in the Netherlands. New circular economy processes aimed at 100% reusing and recycling of materials acquired from the sustainable demolition of an outdated social housing high-rise flat are tested. The project has already resulted in a first, tangible outcome: the experimental Expo building. This circular building has been established for 96% from the materials that were harvested during the demolition of a high-rise flat.

For the next phase of the project we are taking it even further. Supported by the European fund Urban Innovative Actions, we are developing four circular dwellings. The aim is to reuse elements, materials and qualities of existing high-rise flats, but moreover, the dwellings should be inhabitable by 2019. In order to substantiate to this ambition, we need innovations from the building sector.

Our appeal

Our aim is to realize energy-neutral dwellings, following the principles of circularity within this project. We are looking for parties that want to collaborate with us in multiple fields:

  1. Which circular solutions are possible to insulate dwellings? Can we make or reuse insulating compounds from materials from the high-rise flats? Which materials can be used that don’t cause harm, but add value to the local biodiversity and environment? What is an interesting second best?
  2. How can we add energy concepts to dwellings in a sustainable way? Is it possible to use existing values and qualities? And how do we establish a system that is easily removable, adjustable and transportable, now and in the future?
  3. How do we make sure that the dwellings are air- and watertight? Which circular materials and configurations are possible for roofing? Which circular-proof seal materials are obtainable?

Contact us!

Did we attract your attention with this appeal? We want to get in touch with innovators to discuss advanced solutions for the SUPERLOCAL- Super Circular Estate project. Do you have an idea, a solution for one of the three above stated questions or do you want to discuss the project with us? Please contact us before the end of June, 2018!
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SUPERLOCAL – Super Circular Estate

Multiple parties work together in the SUPERLOCAL-project to implement the circular building approach further into the construction industry. Involved parties are: housing association HEEMwonen, the municipality of Kerkrade, construction company Bouwbedrijven Jongen, demolition contractor Dusseldorp, international building exhibition IBA Parkstad and the University of Applied Sciences Zuyd Hogeschool. The projects’ innovative nature has led to the allocation of the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) fund. UIA is a European platform that provides opportunities to experimentally test solutions for complex metropolitan challenges. The project, under the denominator Super Circular Estate has been submitted and was, together with 15 other projects (from 281 submitters), appointed as a UIA project in November 2017. Read more here.


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